Introduction to Actions

Blazor Adaptive Cards support OpenUrl, Submit and ShowCard actions

Adaptive Cards can contain actions. Actions are usually displayed as button and their functionality can range from opening links to confirming booking details. Adaptive Cards support four types of actions:

  • OpenUrl: An action which opens a link (href)
  • Submit: Submits input fields (form)
  • ShowCard: Cards can contain cards. ShowCard can be used to show and hide an card. Usually used for displaying more detailed data for a particular card.
  • ToggleVisibility: Action which can show or hide card elements.

Adaptive Cards for Blazor from version 1.1.0 onwards supports all action types.

The actions are defined in the "actions" element of the schema. Actions inside the actions-element are rendered at the bottom of the card. Here's how to define an empty actions element:

"body": [
"actions": [